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Petition from the Val Susa Counter-Observatory
to the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal

Support our initiative!

Our petition is under the sole jurisdiction of the PPT, which will decide about its feasibility. Nevertheless, we believe it is significant that many distinguished figures have supported our initiative worldwide (see the attached list) and many others have expressed their will to do so.
For this reason we ask you to fill in the registration form here. The names will be published on our website, the list will be regularly updated.
Thank you.

Do not register again if you have already done so!
Check if your name is on the list, if you are not sure.
Write to us if you want to point out any irregularities.

To join, please fill in the form:

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20 latest subscriptions:
last update 2015-11-18 at 22:37

Pinuccia Caracchi, (docente universitaria) - Mathi (to)
Aurora Caputo, (pensionata) - Pomigliano D'arco (na)
Maria Pastore, (studentessa - inoccupata) - Bari
Lorena Malusà, (Insegnante) - Almese
Rita Suma, (medico) - Torino
Renato Fancello, (Libero professionista) - Genova
Davide Rizzo, (Libero professionista) - Caprie (to)
Giuliano Mussi, (pensionato) - Baveno
Matteo Baldo, (educatore) - Torino
Francesca Barile, (Impiegata) - Roma
Vincenzo Incoronato, (disoccupato) - Frattaminore
Federica Aldè, (medico veterinario) - Roma
Francesca Feruglio, (Ricercatrice) - Udine
Nazdeek Italia ONLUS - Udine
Henriette Matthijssen, (retired) - Boyle
Bruce C Dubey, (laborer) - Hartford
Giana Peranio-paz - Haifa
Eleonora Oldani, (n/a) - Cairo, Egypt
Angelika Roll - Berlin
Piero Garbero, (pensionato) - Avigliana

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